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The meaning of bed and breakfast also referred to as a B&B.

London bed and breakfasts are typically operated out of a large London single family residence where guests can be accommodated at night in private bedrooms (which may or may not be equipped with private baths) and where breakfast is a meal, often light, usually taken in the morning. The name originates from the concept that you have not eaten whilst sleeping, i.e., you are fasting during that time, and break that fast with the meal. In other European countries the breakfast would be referred to as - French déjeuner or petit déjeuner, Spanish desayuno, German Frühstück etc. You will also see bed and breakfasts advertising that they provide "Continenental breakfast" and the meaning of this term used by bed and breakfasts, guest houses and hotels is explained fully below.

London Bed and Breakfasts
London Bed and Breakfasts
London Bed and Breakfasts

In London (and in fact the whole of Great Britain) the Continental Breakfast is a light meal usually consisting of coffee (or tea) and croissants and sometimes cold meat or fruit rather than the full English. A full English breakfast, also Scottish, Welsh and Irish breakfast, or traditional fry-up, is the traditional breakfast dish of the United Kingdom (Scotland , Northern Ireland , Wales , England) and Ireland.

Unique to Scotland, the full breakfast often includes a portion of Scottish haggis and sometimes black pudding (a type of sausage made with various ingredients, including meal and spices). The bed and breakfast business may be operated either as a primary occupation or as a secondary source of income, and the staff often consists of the house's owners and members of their family who live in London.
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Westminster, London and Big Ben
Westminster, London and Big Ben
Pimlico Hotel

I have found an amazing hotel accommodation bargain in the heart of London, minute's walk from Victoria Station London, in the centre of Pimlico. London hotel bargains like this are very hard to find and they offer single rooms for very low rates.

Entry Added: 3rd October 2005

Our sister website is the number one site for booking Edinburgh accommodation and this is due to the fact that we listened to the needs of visitors to Edinburgh and offering them access to good reasonably priced accommodation in Edinburgh -and we will offer the same for London. Very soon you will see lots of information on good London bed and breakfasts as we have been visiting as many as possible to see who offers the best bed and breakfast facilities and the best value for money.

At its heart the British breakfast consists of fried bacon and fried eggs but to earn the title of "full English", a number of other ingredients would be expected. In London hotels, London bed and breakfast and London guest house establishments the term "full English breakfast" is used to differentiate between the larger multiple course breakfast that may include a cereal or smoked kippers from the simpler "continental breakfast" of coffee (or tea) and croissants.   London Now will be offering good bed and breakfasts in all the popular London areas. We have been researching the most popular searches for London bed and breakfasts on the major search engines and these are the results: london bed and breakfasts, bed and breakfasts in london, cheap bed and breakfast london, bed and breakfast london england, london budget bed and breakfast, bed and breakfast in london england, bed and breakfast london uk accommodation bed breakfast london.   We listen to what our London visitors are saying and we will be looking for ways to give our website visitors easy access to the type of accommodation in London that they want. Our sister website is the number one site for booking Edinburgh accommodation and this is due to the fact that we listened to the needs of visitors to Edinburgh and offering them access to good reasonably priced accommodation in Edinburgh -and we will offer the same for London. Very soon you will see lots of information on good London bed and breakfasts as we have been visiting as many as possible to see who offers the best bed and breakfast facilities and the best value for money.

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Dali Universe London

Dali Universe
Location: County Hall   .  
10am-6.30pm (last entry 5.30pm)   
Surrealist fantasies become reality at Dali Universe, a 30,0000 square foot retrospective featuring more than 500  works by Salvador Dalí, heralded by many as the greatest surrealist of the twentieth century.
Located at County Hall Gallery in  London’s South Bank,this dreamlike gallery provides insight into Dali’s outrageous often opium-altered psyche. Melting clocks, lobster telephones, sexual references and strange creatures are all commonplace themes in Dali’s works.
Dali’s personality was even more eccentric than his art.  A self-publicized literary genius, Dali was often quoted for his insightful observations on human nature, politics and art.   Modesty was definately not one of Dali’s virtues, which is evident in the following quote: “ Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure - that of being Salvador Dali.”
Dali was often very critical of his abilities and measured his success based on others appraisal of his work: “The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents.”  Many of his other quotes referring to his deepest thoughts and concerns are dispersed throughout the museum entry way, leading the visitor into Dali’s psyche.
Dali’s drawings are breathtaking in their complexity and other-worldly qualities.  His superior draftsmanship, powerful use of color and unlikely combination of objects creates unique and memorable pieces.  Dali’s works, although they are unusual, rival that of the early masters.  Dali was acutely aware of his gift: “Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.”
Musuem highlights include the largest collection of Dalí sculptures dating from 1935-1984, drawings, lithographs, gold and glass objects and a furniture collection, including the infamous Mae West’s lips couch.

The gallery is arranged according to themes: 'Dreams and Fantasty', 'Sensuality and Feminity' and 'Religion and Mythology'.   These works date from the 1960s to 1980s but the gallery also has classic Surrealist bronze sculpture from the 1930s, when Dali was at the peak of his fame.  The gallery also boasts a Fine Art Collection, where original Dali paintings are available for purchase. If you are feeling extravagent, one of Dali’s works can be yours for £500-£10,500.  All items include the frame and are shipped to your home at no additional cost.  Knowlegeable museum curators are on hand to answer questions about inidividual pieces and to assist you with any business transactions.

After exiting the museum, take a moment to stroll along the riverside walkway to observe three further sculptures: Space Venus, Space Elephant and The Nobility of Time. The dripping clock, The Profile of Time, is situated around the corner in Jubilee Gardens.
 Since its opening in the summer of 2000, the Dalí Universe has continued to delight and inspire more than 250,000 visitors per year.-4th.October 2006

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Islington bed and breakfast: Garfield House Bed and Breakfast, 130 Huddleston Road, Islington, London N7OEG




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