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Kate Garraway's
boobs from London Now...

Kate GarrawayGMTV photographed showing her attractive large breasts which get hoards of British males excited when Kate appears on the morning show. Most of Kate's admirers would like to see her appearing in this type of dress in the morning, rather than the well covered way Kate normally appears.

Friday 18th.November 2005- Kate Garraway may have the big breasts that some men crave, but Keira Knightley was named Britain 's sexiest woman today. Keira Knightley star of Pride and Prejudice fought off competition from Abi Titmuss, Sienna Miller and Kelly Brook to win the accolade from Esquire magazine. Keira Knightley’s "perfect" looks and laid-back attitude helped Keira scoop more than a third of votes in the Esquire magazine’s online poll Keira Knightley has a fab face and small breasts like a fashion mode.l A lot of men would like to give Keira Knightley a good “going over” and they dream of Keira sitting on their faces as they pleasure her with their tongues! The requests are flooding in for the morning TV girls with lots of requests to see Kate Garraway's swollen pregnant breasts. Kate Garraway's legions of thirsty fans who would love to be snuggled up to her full breasts. Because of the success of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing we are experiencing a lot of males lusting after Fiona Phillips and we will have to get a good photo of Fiona on our site as soon as possible to satisfy our randy readers desire. The are the last 20 searches that we have received today in the London Now Kate Garraway section: lorraine kelly nude, tv presenters upskirt ,  fiona phillips pics,  fiona philips topless,  fiona phillips legs,  show me carol vordermans breasts,  kate garraway upskirt,  kate garraways tits,  kate garraway,  penny smith legs, lorraine kelly in stockings,   natasha kaplinsky upskirt photo,  fiona phillips pics, javine nipple slip , jenni falconer pictures,   kate garraway pregnant pics , kate garraway boobs,  lorraine kelly stockings, kate garraway large pregnant breasts, fiona phillips cleavage.

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Tuesday 20th September 2005 - Kate Garraway -Well Kate Garraway has got herself married. I read an interesting piece of information that she is 3 months pregnant. Lovers of Kate’s bounteous tits will be relishing how big the twin objects of their affection will become. Look for lots of fantasies of Kate lactating and dry moths eager to be fed from all her thirsty admirers. Kates swollen orbs should be a site to behold for all the big tit fans in the UK and further afield.

Sunday 14th August 2005 - Even though it has been a while since the running of the London Marathon I am amazed at the amount of requests that we still receive daily for Paul's taking her famous piss during the race. We even received a request today for Paula taking a topless piss so finding a photo like that to put on the Internet would be extremely difficult to say the least but if such a photo of Paula exists we would use it weather tasteless or not-give the public what the want and keep them happy that's our motto! .........

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Wednesday 27th July 2005 - Kate Garraway engaged annonced by herself on GMTV this morning. Kate Garraway and Derek Draper engagement was expected as they had been living together, the wedding will be soon.

Thursday 2nd June 2005 - I caught a few minutes of GMTV this morning and Kate Garraway was delighting her male fans by wearing the type of top that they hope for on a daily basis. Kate's ample charms were displayed in a tight low-cut top showing off to good advantage the large Garraway boobs...

What is it with breakfast TV presenters getting married all of a sudden?
First Natasha Kaplinsky and now Kate Garraway.
Are they in competition with one another to see who can get married first – I found this on the internet and there seems to be a lot of discussions going on about the engaged status of Kate Garraway and if it will make a difference once she is married when they are having a wank while watching her in the mornings. Kate Garraway will soon earn the new title of Kate Garraway MILF - watch this space.

Fiona Phillips full breasts
Fiona Phillips breasts- click picture for full view!
Fiona Phillips    


Fiona Phillips humiliated on Strictly come Dancing-I do not think so. Fiona Phillips probably has come out of Come Dancing well as she was clever enough to put herself down as she knew she was no dancer. Fiona Phillips male fans enjoyed watching their heroine in the type of outfits they would never see her wearing on GMTV. Fiona Phillips claims she dropped a couple of dress sizes with all the practicing for the dance show and her fans will be hoping that the weight she lost was not from her two best assets! The picture we have here is exactly what Fiona’s fans like her to wear- and with this dress they do not have to try hard to imagine what Fiona would look like topless.

Entry Added: 19th November 2005

Fiona Bruce nude shoulders
Fiona Bruce -nice legs-click for full view
Fiona Bruce    


The latest newsreader to enter the world of entertainment is Fiona Bruce, who always had a kind of head girl primness about her. No more. Fiona does a version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on this Friday’s Children in Need. The stars of the show are Fiona’s pins. My researchers say they haven’t seen legs that good since Cyd Charisse in Silk Stockings. After Friday night Fiona Bruce’s career can never be the same again. Not now we know what she has been hiding under that desk.-Tony Parsons-columnist 14 th.November 2005. Fiona Bruce was voted number 3 in the Sexiest '40something celebrity' in the World in a recent poll in Good Housekeeping magazine! This is the list of the top 10:1.Elle Macpherson, 2.Yasmin le Bon, 3.Fiona Bruce, 4. Sade, 5. Nastassja Kinski.6.Carol Vorderman, 7.Madonna, 8. Jerry Hall, 9. Mariella Frostrup,10 Sharron Davies.The most popular searches for Fiona Bruce are: fiona bruce upskirt, fiona bruce upskirt,fiona bruce legs, fiona bruce oops, fiona bruce bikini.

Entry Added: 19th November 2005

Melanie Sykes pretty breasts
Melanie Sykes breasts very pretty -nice ankles too
Melanie Sykes    


Today With Des and Mel stars Melanie Sykes and Des O'Connor - beauty and the beast. Melanie Sykes always looks delicious and I envy Des getting to sit so close to Mel. Sykes who is now married and a mum with two boys, definitely wins the daytime TV shows MILF contest, and before Melanie was married, she was a prolific dater out on the scene, including dating Chris Evans and a host of others, so Melanie will not lack experience. Most popular searches we have received for Melanie Sykes are:melanie sykes topless, paparazzi melanie sykes topless beach pics, meaniel sykes down blouse, meaniel sykes pokies, melanie sykes upskirt, meaniel sykes nude.

Entry Added: 19th November 2005

Katie Derham breasts almost nude
Katie Derham breasts -click for Katie's bare back view
Katie Derham    


Katie Derham co-presents the newly extended one hour ITV Lunchtime News with Nicholas Owen. Katie also co-presents London Tonight on ITV1 with Alastair Stewart. Katie hosts the ITV Classical Brits, which she has done for the past three years, in a star-studded ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall, plus Katie presents a weekly radio show for Classic FM. Katie is married and has a 5 year old daughter Natasha, plus a new baby. Katie Derham lives with her husband and her two children in west London. Most popular searches for Katie Derham are: kate derham topless, kate derham down blouse, kate derham uskirt, katie derham pregnant.

Entry Added: 19th November 2005

30th May 2005 - The search continues for Britain's most fancied female TV presenter and these are the last 10 searches that have arrived at the London Blog: Kate Garraway boobs section, - natasha kaplinski leather photo, carol vordermans tits and arse , kate garraway pics , London Tonight derham pictures , natasha kaplinski engagement ,kate garraway , uk uncovered 2005, Kate garraway in hong kong, kate garraway strange celebrities, Paula Radcliffe pee London pictures. After studying the results Kate Garraway is leading the field and Natashi Kaplinski is a close second but the bulk of the requests are not for a TV presenter but strangely for Paula Radcliffe squatting having a piss in the London Marathon-never has urine splashing onto the streets of London created such interest and there must be more fans of water sports out there than I ever imagined!

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27th May 2005 - kate garraway naked,natasha kaplinsky bikini, katie derham nipples,kate garraway gallery 4 new searches to the London Now website.

23rd May 2005 - carol vordermans bottom: this is a new search just requested - and how about this request - carol vordermans old tights picture site.

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8th.May 2005 - Our survey for the most requested ladies on British breakfast television continues as we monitor the searches that are coming into the London Now London Blog Section and these are some of the searches that have just arrived: paula radcliffe peeing carol vorderman in stockings natasha kaplinski engagement carol vorderman's jeans natasha kaplinsky stockings lorraine kelly nude javine eurovision breast picture Trafalgar Square upskirt photos fiona philips upskirts radcliffe PAULA peeing pictures paula radcliffe pissing pics

7th May 2005 - Kate Garraway in Stockings – Ask Jeeves natasha kaplinski upskirt - Google natasha kaplinsky nude-Yahoo gmtv stockings Google natasha kaplinski engagement Google kate garraway nip slip carol vorderman short skirt countdown pictures Google natasha kaplinsky in stockings Google.

6th May 2005 - Working on a major Scottish tour companies website at the moment and it is proving interesting as the tour company are starting a bus tour which includes Rosslyn Abbey as there has been so much interst because it is mentioned in Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code....................

5th May 2005 - These searches have just come into the London Now London Blog: carol vorderman's bum  natasha kaplinsky tights  gmtv nip  natasha kaplinski engagement kate garraway stockings  natasha kaplinski nude picture.Working in Edinburgh today and it is a beautiful sunny day and I hope this weather will continue as we have had a lot of rain lately.

. 5th.May 2005 - These searches have just come into the London Now London Blog: carol vorderman's bum natasha kaplinsky tights gmtv nip natasha kaplinski engagement kate garraway stockings natasha kaplinski nude picture.Working in Edinburgh today and it is a beautiful sunny day and I hope this weather will continue as we hav had a lot of rain lately.

4th May 2005 - We have been busy with our London Now Hotels Section and we now have direct links in place to some of London's best hotels situated in the most popular area's for tourist and business visitors to London.

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26th April 2005 - Mixed up weather in London today - classic April showers just like in the movies.

25th April 2005 - The last 22 searches to London Now the London Blog are :paula radcliffe pissing pics, fiona phillips upskirt - where is Kate Garraway? 25th. April 2005 - The last 20 searches are:kate garraway boobs, natasha kaplinski upskirt pictures,, kate garraway gmtv, paula radcliffe peeing pictures, paula radcliffe peeing pics, paula radcliffe marathon peeing pictures, pic of paula radcliffe peeing in london marathon, nipslip, kate garraway, nipslip, kate garraway, nude females, kate garraway, tv presenters nude, photos of paula radcliffe peeing, javine nipslip,katie price jordan, upskirt tv presenter, lorraine kelly tits,kate garraway. 25th. April 2005 - The last 2 searches are: paula radcliffe pissing pics, carol vorderman upskirt - where is Kate Garraway?

24th April 2005 - Paula Radcliffe peeing is getting lots of requests through the search engines but the old favourite Lorraine Kelly is drawing in her fans to the London Blog. Recent searches are :gmtv stockings, natasha kaplinski engagement, javines tits fall out, upskirts, eamon holmes leaves gmtv. natasha kaplinski nude.

Wednesday 23rd Feb 2005 - These were the top 10 internet searches yesterday by our visitors to the London Blog: gmtv nude, pics of gmtv girls naked, jenni falconer nude, kate garraway pics , jenni falconer in stockings, , naked katie derham pics, kate garraway tits. I have noted that there has been an increase in interest for Jenni Falconer could this be due to thee fact that she was filmed for GMTV last week scantily dressed on a Sunkist beach? She was seen naked to the waist being massaged and I bet lot's of the viewers imagined her rolling over and giving them a glimpse of her lovely body!

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22nd. April 2005 - We are heading for London today and taking the last of the furnishings along. This weekend will see the installation of the new kitchen and hopefully the completion of the bathroom which neeeds some replacement tiles installed. I think the visiters to The London Blog must hink the streets of London are awash with pissPaule Radcliffe what have you started.I never realised there was so much interest in golden showers and some of the searches over the last few days have been amazing-I mean where are they going to find photos of nude Paula Radcliffe peeing or Paula Radcliffe having a topless piss I ask you. I watched a few minutes of GMTV this morning and the weather girl Andrea Mclean was looking very fetching in a grey low cut wrap around dress, I was thinking that Kate should have swaped outfits with Andrea as Kates large breasts would have looked amazing in this kind of dress. Kate Garraway must know that the male veiwers of GMTV want to see as much of the Garraway hooters as possible and it's about time she gave them a good veiw of her big jugs!

21 April 2005 - Another sunny day I hope this good weather keeps up and lasts through the weekend.The searches that have just arived in the last few minutes are this six and they all came through the Google search engine:katie derham holiday pic, pics of paula radcliffe peeing, paula radcliffe peeing pics, paula radcliffe peeing pics, paula radcliffe peeing, paula radcliffe peeing photos, kate garraway in a swimsuit. The request for Katie Derham holiday pics is probaly from a fan of Katie who is hoping to see her on a beach wearing not to much.We have a good photo of Katie and her pregnancy is working wonders for her as she has only a small lump and her breasts have increased in size and are looking magnificent. Katie Derham likes to show off her body when she is out at functions and keeps her prim look for reading the news-pity.

20th.April 2005 - It is a nice sunny day today in Edinburgh and there seems to be a lot of tourists about so today will be a good day for them to take photos. The last 10 searches into are :penny smith sexy pictures, paula radcliffe peeing pictures, natasha kaplinski engagement, javine nude, paula radcliffe peeing,natasha kaplinski nude, paula radcliffe suatting for a pee, pic of paula radcliffe pee in the london marathon,natasha kaplinski nip slip.

19th.April 2005 - These are the last 20 searches at 9pm tonight:Paula radcliffe peeing photo's , radcliffe paula toilet pics , javine nude , kate garraway tits photos, penny smith gmtv sexy skirt pics natasha kaplinski nude , kate from gmtv , natasha kaplinski engagement ,paula radcliffe peeing photo, paula radcliffe marathon peeing pictures , paula squatting pics , paula radcliffe unscheduled stop marathon 2005 photos, female gmtv presenters only, paula radcliffe peeing gallery , paula radcliffe peeing , paula radcliffe peeing london marathon pics, paula radcliffe london marathon pee, paula radcliffe nude pictures pissing , paula radcliffe peeing at the marathon , photos of paula radcliffe peeing at marathon –they all want to se Paula judging by the flood of enquiries

18th. April 2005 - Everyone it seems who are coming in from the search engines it seems are interested in Paula Radcliffe having her piss last Sunday during the London Marathon, Paula Radcliffe piss probably unwittingly has got more press coverage from this pee than anything that Max Clifford could have thought up. The most requested searches are paula radcliffe peeing, paula radcliffe peeeing at the 2005 london marathon, paula rascliffe peeing picture, paula radcliffe peeing London marathon pics, paula radcliffe squatting for pee, paula radcliffe peeing pics, paula radcliffe london marathon peeing, paula radcliffe squatting to pee picture, paula radcliffe peeing photo. Paula Radcliffe has had more media attention than any other female runner I can think of and as we have the photos on the computer I think we will give the public what it wants and get them posted as soon as possible so the people who missed the peeing incident will see what they missed. We will see new slang appearing such as I am bursting I think I will have Radcliffe or I am just nipping into the loo to have a Paula. Pissing in London will never be the same again! ........Final thought "I didn't really want to have to resort to that in front of hundreds of thousands of people," Radcliffe confessed to The Daily Mirror, but Paula was worried about losing time by seeking out one of the Marathon race loos. Cue moral outrage from The Daily Mirror's etiquette expert. "It was degrading to have a representative of our nation crouching down without any sense of self-respect, decency or thought for the millions watching," sniffs Jean Broke-Smith. "Paula's primitive actions left me disgusted."-Now is probably not the right time to tell sensitive Jean that some London Marathon runners defecate in their shorts, if needs be

17th. April 2005 - The weather was perfect today for the 2005 London Marathon. At I watched the start of the elite ladies race and Britain's Paula Radcliffe was the hot favourite to win The Ladies London Marathon. I have been watching the London Marathon for years on TV and I always think it is a magic shop window for London and it must be a boon for London tourism. Any person who can run over 26 miles through London at any speed has my admiration. 3p.m Britain's Paula Radcliffe clocked a record for a women's only race of 2 hours 17 minutes and 42 seconds to win the London Marathon for the third time on Sunday while Kenya's Martin Lel beat a high-quality marathon field to clinch the London Marathon men's title. Martin Lel clocked two hours seven minutes 24 seconds to finish ahead of world marathon champion Jaouard Gharib of Morocco, who was timed in 2:07:49 and South Africa's Hendrik Ramaala in 2:08:32. Paula Radcliffe, the marathon world record holder, struck out on her own after five miles and but for an unscheduled toilet stop in the 22nd mile maintained a relentless pace. Paula Radcliffe posted the third fastest women's run with Romania's Constantina Dita over five minutes back in second.Kenyans Susan Chepkemei, who finished third, and Margaret Okayo paid for trying to stay with Paula Radcliffe early on. The only moment of drama for Paula Radcliffe came late on when she stopped by the road-side and squatted down to empty her full bladder before resuming the race."I think I need to apologize to the nation for having to stop like that but I was losing 10 seconds every time my stomach cramped up," she said."I didn't know how far ahead I was because the crowds were so loud and nobody was shouting out any gaps to me.It was a similar problem to Athens but there was no danger of me being glycogen-defeated again.I knew if I stopped I would be able to get rid of the cramp and concentrate properly again." Radcliffe soon picked up the pace again and her winning time was the fastest ever in a women's-only race, beating the previous best of 2:18:56 she set on her debut in 2002. Two years ago she set the marathon world record of 2:15:25 when she ran with the men, but insisted victory -her fifth international marathon win - was the main goal this time. "It was about winning again," she added. "A lot of people thought that after what happened in Athens I was never going to be the same again.   "My mind pushed my body as far as it would go in Athens but today my body felt good. "Obviously I would have loved to have run a personal best but I have still run a fast time in the conditions." Chepkemei, who ran Radcliffe so close in the New York Marathon last November, finished over six minutes behind in 2:24:00. Last year's London Marathon winner Margaret Okayo was fourth in2:25:22 while Ireland's Sonia O'Sullivan posted a marathon personal best of 2:29:01 in finishing eighth.

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16th.April 2005 - The newspapers today where full of references to Paula Radcliffe and her peeing incident in the London Marathon. It will not be long before we see photos all over the place with Paula squating down to releive herself during the London Marathon. A few of the papers described in detail how Pauls squatted down ,pulled her running shorts to one side and releived herself. Only a few years ago Paula had to give up in a race where Paula had urinated through her shorts 3 times during the race. As Paula was the focus of the media attention it would not have looked very good if she was running along and you could see a wet patch forming on her crotch. The last searches today were, jenni falconer bikini, natasha kaplinski legs tight skirt pictures, sexy photos of katie derham, sara buys getting on the bus, kate garraway in hong kong pictures, kate garraway ,natasha kaplinski engagement

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5th.April 2005 - Look's it is going to be a nice sunny day today and I hope this type of weather will continue all week. The searches have been rolling in and yesterday was a very busy day on The London Blog section with over 300 visitors to the Blog all looking for their favourite females. The last twelve searches were: katie derham bikini, gmtv stockings, upskirt natasha kaplinsky, kat of eastenders showing her thong pics, fiona bruce upskirt, natasha kaplinsky naked, lorraine kelly upskirt flash, carol vorderman thong photos, natasha kaplinsky topless, kate garraway tit pics, runway nipslip, sadie frost naked film. I noticed a new request for Fiona Bruce upskirt and that is the first time I have seen a request for Fiona-she is an attractive woman though so we may see more requests in the future for Fiona.

4th. April 2005 - Have just seen 5 minutes of GMTV before I came into my office and I was surprised to see that Eamon Holmes was around - I thought he had left. Eamon was presenting with Fiona Phillips and they also had Penny Smith presenting as well. I must say Penny was looking fresher than Fiona. Had a quick look at BBC and they had Natasha Kaplinsky presenting their morning show. As I watched BBC went to their regional news section(Scotland) and I noticed that their female presenters were a dull, unattractive bunch and I don't think we will be getting any requests for them to "get their kit off" The search continues and these are the last twelve requests to The London Blog via the search engines:carol vorderman topless, natasha kaplinski upskirt, kate garraway nipple flash, penny smith nude, upskirt pictures of gmtv presenters, natasha kaplinsky in stockings, thong sadie frost nude pic, Kate garraway tits out, jenni falconer topless, sienna miller nude, sadie frost naked.. Exactly 50% of the searches were for Kate Garraway so she is ahead in the popularity stakes at the moment -we will keeep you informed.

3rd.April 2005 - Sun is shining and it looks like it is going to be a great day. Last eight searches are : kate garraway lesbian affair, natasha kaplinski upskirt, kate garraway nipples, katie derham lactating pics, carol vorderman arse photos, kate garraway banana pics, natasha kaplinsky tights, penny smith nude. Saw a repeat last night of Sadie Frost in action presenting from the comedy show the night before and Sadie is sexy and a great MILF.

2nd. April 2005 - A fantastic day in Edinburgh as the sun is out at last and it has warmed up. It is a good day for folks to get out and about. Took the last ten searches from our stats. this morning and these are the results:big boobed kate garraway, gmtv upskirt, katie derham in stockings pictures, natasha kaplinsky nude, jenni falconers nipples, katie derham picture, garraway tits, gmtv, natasha kaplinsky upskirt, kate garraway - slightly different fron usual as Miss G. is not dominating the searches as much as she has been lately Watched a comedy prog. on 4 last night and it was presented by Sadie Frost. First time I have paid any attention to her but a friend informed me she was a fox and would be worth watching. One of the comedians told her she was a MILF and she claimed that she did not know what that meant so the explaned that it ment mothers I wouls like to f--k and she definately qualifies as she has 4 kids. Sadie Frost is 35 years old and was married to the preety boy poser Jude Law. Seems to like the pretty boys as she is apparently dating a kid who is 15 years younger than herself. I have some good revealing photos of Sadie Frost on my computer so I think we will have to post them soon. After looking at the pics of Sadie I can see she is not shy about showing of her goodies and has appeared topless in several movies and been photographed with her boobs hanging out.

1st.April 2005 - April Fools Day -I better watch out today for pranskters as you never know. Milder weather today but dull and I would have appreciated seeing some sunshine out there. Manged to catch 5 minutes of GMTV this morning and your most popular female presenter was in action. Kate was wearing a 2 piece suit with a skirt, a pin stripe number in navy blue and a bright pink blouse. Looked very nice even though she was well covered up. Today the last six searches were:kate garraway low cut dress, kate garraway big tits, javine's nip slip, natasha kaplinsky nipple slip, nip slip kate garraway,nip slip, nip slip kate garrraway. Even at this early stage of the survey I can see that Kate G. is well ahead of the other female contenders in the battle for the most desirable British TV presenter and she is pulling in about 80% of the total searches=I wonder if Kate has any idea of just how hot she is right now? It is good to see that fatty is not on GMTV and no matter who you want to se presenting the show this must be good after years of this grey little man. There is another TV and radio presenter I dislike even more and that is Terry Wogan-how he has got away by mouthing nothing but shear drible for all these years is amazing. Another bastard I don't like is Ken Bruce who is like a Scottish version of Wogan with the same line of pure crap emitting from his mouth. You would think that there must be a lot of natural, funny, interesting people out there who would make ideal replacements for these two real twerps. As it is the 1st.April we felt it was a good time to post a photograph of Kat Garraway that we have had in the office for a long time of Kate lovingly biting into the famous banana on GMTV. The lads will be quivering wishing that they were that lucky banana!

and was also wearing a skirt so they were getting a double bonus. GMTV is really plugging their website GMTV WHICH IS GM.TV I have just checked it out and there is small photos of your favourite girls but hey do not tell you what you really want to know like one visitor to our site this morning who's search was-does kate garraway wear stockings? You will find out more and see more of these girls on our site over the months then GM.TV would ever dare give you. The followingare the last 12 searches made on our Blog page earlier today: javine nipple slip, kate garraway nude, javine boobs, kate garraway pics, javine slip, kate garraway thong, carol vorderman's arse pics, kate garraway, javine nip,jenni falconer stockings,"kate garraway+ smoking", javine nude. Will have now amassed a pile of statistics and very soon we will be featuring the top 6 most requested British TV girls- who do you think will be Number 1?

31st. March 2005 - London 13c Edinburgh 12c that is the weather situation today-dull but reasonably pleasant and no rain. Survey continues and these are The London Blog's last ten searches:hilary swanks tits,natasha kaplinsky nude, kate garraway stockings, kate garraway legs ,upskirt kate garraway stories,jenni falconer nipples, gmtv lesbian affair, Looks like men go for girls in stockings and suspenders-nothing changes. Tights will never have the same sexy appeal- it is the magic flash of white above the stocking that creates the excitemen

30th. March 2005 - The weather has got warmer here in Edinburgh today and I had intended to get back to London this week but as I have a person sick who helps me it looks like I may have to stay in Edinburgh for the time being. I am

keen to get the remainder of my new wiring finished in London as we are not to far away from having the system complete. The last 6 searches on the London Blog were these: Natasha kaplinsky stockings,jenni falconer nipple slip, kate garraway breasts sixe, eastenders upskirt, javines tits, kate garraway naked. With regard to the search Kate Garraways breast size I have read that Kate is a 34 DD so that may be usefull information for you. First time I have seen a request for Eastenders girls-I am not a fan of any of the soaps so I am clueless to who is on them but I have seen photos in the tabloids of various girls who are on Eastenders and I presume there are a few tasty girls that our ardent surfers are looking for. If there is a special girl generated a lot of requests we will have to get a good photograph of her on the London Blog and keep our visitors happy.

29th.March 2005 - At last it has stopped raining in Edinburgh and the ground is drying up. We have been spoilt as it rarely seems to rain much these days. Must get over to my electrical wholesaler and order the electrics I need for Pimlico but could not find easily in London . Morning check of the stats. revealed these last 6 searches all from our friends at Google: big boobed tv presenter, natasha upsirt, kate garraway nipple slip, jenni falconer nipples, pics natasha kaplinski, upskirt -nothing unusual here. Managed to see GMTV this morning and our friend Kate Garraway was presenting the show with the little guywho#s name I do not know. Kate’s fans keep asking for her to wear skirts on the show and she was wearing one but it looked like a long number so they would be disappointed that they did not get a long anticipated glance at her thighs, or the desired glimpse of her panties. Good thing they did not get a look up her skirt or they would probably be late for work!

28th.March 2005 - Checked the stats. and these are the last six London Blog searches: Katie derham picture, penny smith upskirt, kate garraway dress, "kaplinsky nude", kate garraway, kate garraway nip slip. Looks like the interest in the famous Javine nip slip at the Eurovision Song Contest British heats have died down as I have not seeen so many of the usual reuests for her tits,boobs etc. This means the interest has waned or that it has got easier to find pictures of Javine's naked breasts on the Internet.

21st.March 2004The last 6 searches on the London Blog are :kate garraway tits, javine nip, kate garraway naked, kaplinsky upskirt, javine eurovision nip slip, kate garraway naked

17th.March 2004- Searches for the attractive TV presenters are proceeding fast and furious and these are the last ten request that have come to the site via the search engines with the majority of the searches coming from Google: carol vorderman in swimsuit, gmtv, natasha kaplinsky upskirt, katie derham tits, gmtv upskirt, jenni falconer tits, kate garraway, kate garraway nip slips, natasha kaplinsky nipples.

14th.March 2004- Just looked at the web stata. a few minutes ago and I saw a search which is different-black boobs that is the first time I have seen a search for black boobs and it may be because we are featuring the highly popular picture of Javine's nip slip at the British Eurovision entries contest. I will keep an eye on things to see if any other searches for black boobs appear and keep our London Blog avis readers up to date on what is happening on the babe search.

13th.March 2004- hilary swanks breasts and natasha kaplinskys tits are the last two searches that have come into the The London Blog-makes a change from the usual requests for kate garaways boobs and penny smith upskirt. Hilary Swank is a search that I can appreciate as the woman does has an amazing "pair of Bristols" as my friend Roy would say. The Eastenders will love her name as now they can say " i'm going for a Hilary Swank" or shorten it to "I'm going for a Hilary"-let's see if this creates new Cockney slang.Sunday 13th. March 9a.m. - This is the last 10 searches that have come it to the London Blog this morning:penny smith upskirt, natasha kaplinski tit, kate garraway pics, javine naked, jenni falconer tits,natasha kaplinsky nude, upskirt,lorraine kelly gallery upskirt, hilary swank breasts,natasha kaplinski bikini.Kate Garraway I would say is ahead on the request list for the most popular woman on British TV. manager to see Parkinsin last night and he was interveiwing Sandra Bullock who is a highly fancied woman - she has small tits but Sandra has an amazing pair of legs but last night she was wearing jeans so we were not treated to any shots of Sandra Bullock uskirt and there was no Sandra Bullock nip slips as Sandra was well covered on top. Sandra Bullock is one of the most requested women on the Internet and the number of males seeking her photos is far greater than the surfers who are seeeking our favourite girls.

10th. March 2005- Watched the BBC news this morning and the forecast for Edinburgh is a high of 11 c. so things are looking good. Managed to watch a little of GMTV and Penny Smith fans must be happy as Penny was showing cleaveage

9th. March 2005 - I am in Edinburgh today and the weather is back to being very good for this time of the year. Blue skies and the sun is shining so let's hope this weather continues nice through the weekend as Wales v Scotland at Murrayfield Rugby Stadium is on Sunday 13 th. February. Edinburgh is going to be very busy with all the visiting Welsh supporters and the publicans of Edinburgh will be delighted as they are big beer drinkers. The search continues to find TV's most desired female and these are the last searches to come in: javine nip slip, eurovision javine nip slip, javine nip pics, natasha kaplinski nude, javine photo breast, javine nip slip, javine nipple slip, kate garraway, javine nude, javines nipple, jenni falconers nipples, javines nipslip, javine boob, javines slip, naked pics katie derham, javines boobs, javines nipslip, javines nipple slip, pics javines boob, presenters upskirt.

8th. March 2005 - These are the last 15 searches that have just come in today: javine eurovision 2005 boobs, javine eurovision nipple picture, javine nipple bbc 1, pictures javines tits, "javine nude", katie derham

7th. March 2005 - The tabloid newspapers today are full of photos of Javines nip slip at the Eurovision UK contest so if this type of interest lasts the female competitors will have to really try hard if they want to get the type of attention Javine received by letting her breast slip out of her dress much to the delight of the viewers. The was lots of slogans such as "show us your tits Javine" and is that a bithmark as Javine joked about her nipple. She claimed to be unaware that her breast was uncovered because of al the hugging that was going on after she won. Javine must have a good PR person calling the shots because this type of publicity is worth its wei ght in gold.

6th. March 2005- Damn I was not watching the Eurovision Song Contest British contenders show on Saturday when Javine had her nip slip. Already the search engines are getting bombarded for requests like these: javine nip slip, Javine eurovision nipple out, Javine upskirt, javine nude, javine boobs, javine bikini, javine nip pics, javine nip slip photos, javine nip slip pictures, javine sexy, javine nude. We have a beter picture of Javine showing her nipple in a sexy bikini and we will be posting it very soon on the London Blog because we like to give you the best images available of the British girl who get you hot. Katie Price - Jordan must have been annoyed when she got beaten at her own game and by Javine who does not have silicon tits but full natural breasts!

5th. March 2005 -had a look to see what you are searching for and here is the last 3 searches: sexy pics natasha kaplinsky, katie deham nude, nude katie derham- looks like Katie Derham is getting really popular-she should start sexing herself up and keep the lads happy. Katie has the perfect legs for black stockings and suspenders and if she gave our randy searchers a flash of her stocking tops they would be ardent fans forever.

5th. March 2005 - today is a lovely sunny day and it is not very cold so we could be getting some warmer weather at lastLast three searches that have just come in were :hilary swank breasts, penny smith upskirt and kate garraway upskirt. I can see Hilary Swank is going to be a very requested lady as winning the Oscar has given her a lot of publicity and the photo’s are all over the Internet of Hilary Swank from all angles and she has a superb body looked at from any angle.

4th. .March 2005 - The Tv girls survey continues on the London Blog and these are the last 10 searches that have just come in - nude pictures of katie derham, lorraine kelly tits, big titted tv presenters, sexy penny smith leg pics gmtv, katie derham nude, jenni falconer naked pics, penny smith upskirt, kate garraway smoking, "penny smith" nip, lorraine kelly naked. I will continue with the survey for a while as I am interested in who really is the most requested female TV presenter and after studying the results we should have an accurate picture of the ladies who stiffen the men of Britain on a daily basis. The weather is bright and sunny today but is still very cold and the perfect day to sit at the computer typing out the London Blog. I have been very busy getting all the items I need bought to furnish the London Blogs new home and I now think I have about 95% of the items I need. Congratulations to Steve Fossett and the Virgin Globalflyer from the London Blog - SALINA, Kan. - After three sleepless days and a nail-biting 24 hours wondering if he would have to ditch in the ocean for lack of fuel, millionaire aviator Steve Fossett rode a rollicking tailwind into America's heartland Thursday to become the first pilot to complete a solo non-stop flight around the globe.

3rd, March 2005 - Woke up early this morning and Countdown was on - a repeat from 28th. Feb. and I can see why lots of guys are taken by Carol Vorderman. She seems to get better with age and she looked fantastic in a black trouser suit. The cameraman focused on Carols face and she has got the most fantastic mouth I have seen for a long time.Feet fanatics seem to be using the Internet in a big way as I have seen searches for Carol Vorderman feet and sexy Carol Vorderman’s feet close-up. Lots of searches for Carol vorderman arse etc.. The top six searches yesterday were: lorraine kelly naked, katie derham sexy, kate garraway gallery, kate garraway sexy, sexy kate garraway sexy photo.

2nd. March 2005 - Top six searches yesterday were : lorraine kelly top off, naked kate garraway, presenters on gmtv nude, kate garraway nude, stockings kate garraway nude. Has anyone been watching the BBC morning show because we have been getting a lot of requests for Natasha kaplinsky . Boobs are not her strong point but she has good legs so most of the requests on the Internet are for Natasha kaplinsky upskirt, Natasha kaplinsky legs, Natasha kaplinsky bum, Natasha kaplinsky stockings, but I saw a few for Natasha kaplinsky nip slip so even her small boobs are wanted by our horny visitors to the London Blog. Weather today is miserable and I drove through light snow earlier today when I went to Ikea looking for goodies for decorating the London flat. Very busy at Ikea Loanhead for such a lousy day weather-wise but there is no stopping the Ikea devotees. I read last week that the Swedish guy who started Ikea is one of the richest men in the world and he is very low-profile so you never hear his name mentioned. Ikea has some very interesting stuff at the moment and they had good deals on plants -perfect for Mothers Day which is this coming Sunday.

Monday 28th. Feb.05 - Watched Gmtv this morning before I came into the office and I see Fatty Holmes is still around. When is fatty leaving? I think judging by the interest here that it should be only the girls who present the show as I do not see any requests here for Fatty Holmes nude or Fatty Holmes tits out - tho he certainly has big breasts by the look of it! Penny Smith was presenting the GMTV show this morning and all the talk was of the Oscars and Clint Eastwood received the Oscar for best director for his film Million Dollar Baby - Hilary Swank received best actress for Million Dollar baby and Hilary looked magnificent braless in a very tight dress which showed every inch of her magnificent figure. Hilary Swank has fabulous natural breasts without the usual enhancement that we now see to often-let's have real hooters like Hilary Swank's any day !

Sunday 27th. Feb. 2005 - Checked our requests from our stats. system and these were the latest results: penny smith legs, penny smith pic, lorraine kelly boobs, penny smith gallery, sexy penny smith nude, kate garraway tits out, penny smith upskirt, pictures of penny smith, kate garraway smoking, penny smith gmtv short skirt, penny smith in short skirt, lorraine kelly nude pic,, penny smith group, penny smith photo sexy.

Sunday 20th. February 2005- Searches are coming in fast and furious for the TV presenter girls-these are the last 10 searches:katie derham boobs , kate garraway tits, jenni falconer nude, kate nude, lorraine kelly naked ,penny smith down blouse, katie derham feet, jenni falconer upskirt, penny smith lesbian. Penny Smith is receiving a lot of requests -I never realised she was so popular and some of the things our visitors would like to do to Penny I can put here but hey are x rated. Our visitors to the London Blog are quite explicate and the searches are show are the milder requested. We have even had a request for a photo of Penny Smith with a strap-on dido and the requester was dreaming of Penny using it on Kate Garraway!

Saturday 19 th .February 2005 - This is the last ten requests from the Google search engine to the London Blog: big boobed kate garraway, pictures of kate garraway in stockings, Kate Garraway tits ,Kate Garraway sexy girl, garraway tits , kate garraway nude photos gmtv, kate garraway pictures, kate garraway big tits, big titted kate garraway gmtv, kate garraway upskirt. The interest in Kate is phenomenal and we are also receiving lots of requested for Jenni Falconer in the same vein - Jenni Falconer upskirt, Jenni Falconer nipples etc. We will have to get a good photo of Jenni Falconer on the site very soon and keep our visitors happy. Katie Derham has also been requested and it seems that our visitors can't get enough of these TV girls. There has been some good photos of Katie Derham around lately so we will have to post some photos showing Katie Derham's best attributes and keep the London Blog devotees happy. Sunday 20 th .February 2005- check what you are asking for Penny Smith is amazingly popular searches for penny smith tits, penny smith arse gmtv, penny smith stockings, penny smith nude...kate garraway nip slip pics...

Sunday 13th. February 2005 - The survey continues as to what the London Blog visitors are asking for and this is the latest results Penny smith nude, kate garraway nude, gmtv upskirt or nude, penny smith feet, Lorraine nude gmtv, nude kate garraway, nude pics kate garraway -I think we can see that there is a nude and naked theme developing here-we will keep you posted and fully informed.

Sat. 12 Feb. 3 p .m - This is the last 8 searches that have come into the London Blog- penny smith skirt, penny smith photos GMTV, kate garraway big breasts, GMTV penny smith stockings, upskirt photos of television presenters, "kate garraway" big tits photos upskirt GMTV, "kate garraway"

.Friday 11th. February 2005 - tits, ass, arse, big tits, these are just a few of the searches i noticed a few minutes ago which I checked our stats. not just for Kate but lots of fantasy requests for Penny Smith GMTV presenter who seems to have her fair following of fans who are aroused by her presence on morning TV. I can see the reasons for lusting after Kate Garraway but Penny Smith does not strike this guy as sexy or TV babe material.

Tues.6th.Feb.05 - Some searches today-morning tv presenters upskirt, penny smith gmtv pics,, kate garraway photos ,kate garraway nude, kate garraway nipples, kate garraway stockings.

These are the searches that have come into Londnnow in the last few days and as you can see it will be hard to calculate who is the most wanted babe on British TV! - fiona tits, fiona phillips tits, fiona phillips stockings, fiona phillips upskirt, fiona philllips stockings, fiona phillips upskirt, sexy fiona Phillips pics, foina Phillips sexy, fiona phillips breasts, fiona Phillips stockings, fiona Phillips sexy photo, , fiona phillips upskirt,fiona phillips upskirt, fiona phillips stockings legs. fiona Phillips upskirt, fiona Phillips thong, fiona Phillips nipple slip, fiona Phillips nipple slip,GMTV fiona phillips stockings. sexy pics of fiona phillips ass, upskirt fiona phillips, fiona Phillips upskirt hilary swanks tits  natasha kaplinski engagement, javine breast pic, fiona bruce panties, natasha kaplinski engagement ring, kate garraway topless, paula radcliffe pissing photos, kate garraway cleavage, natasha kaplinski pictures, big sexy buttocks, carols beautiful big arse, carol nice bum.. interesting, clever and attractive lady, carols big buttocks, carols the sexiest bitch on t v,carol vordermans legs,carol vorderman one of the biggest whores on t v and i love her, plump, juicy, mature and wobbly buttocks is sheer heaven to me. mutton dressed as lambs rule baby,hilary swank tits.

tight leather trousers…big bare arse, carol is the sexiest babe over 40. my favourite carol fantasy...seeing carol slide her own finger into her ------ --------little --- ----, carol ass fantasy :   to kiss & ---- all over her big buttocks, then ----- and ----carols ----- -----tasty----. she must be voted rear of the year!! carol naked -------her bum -----, to ----and ----all over her big buttocks and then ------that -----fragrant----! sheer tights and high heels, sheer tights and high heels - bottom panties, dedicated to carol vodermans bum, vodermans rump steak, voderman aficionado …

gorgeous arse.. and ------my hot.. huge arse.. vordermans bum, vordermans arse, carol vordermans, knickers, vordermans thong (used), carol vordermans tits - pictures of, vordermans rump steak, obsessed with vordermans, bum, tights andrea mclean - girls from gmtv in stockings

These are the last 6 searches today the 20 th. September 2005 received into the Kate Garraway Section of London Now -  google images:  deep throat, yahoo:  kate garraway wedding photos,  google images:  nip slip ,  askjeeves:  kate garraway wedding,   google images:  kate garraway,   msn search:  kate garraway boobs pics  

Kate Garraway-21st.December 2005-  Kate Garraway appeared on Never Mind The Buzzcocks last night sand it is a long time since I had seen Kate on TV. A friend who was visiting commented that he had never realised that Kate had such an incredible pair of breasts. I explained to him that kate was pregnant but her tits were pretty bib before but the pregnant Kate is a bustier woman thas she was before. You can look forward to a great photo of Kate pregnant and radiant soon as we have a chance to upload it from my computer. Kate Garaway for breast men...........................

21st.December 2005 -These are the last 14 searches from search engines- kate garraway , shopping tv babes upskirt,  jenny falconer tit slips,  melanie sykes nude,lorraine kellys boobs , carol vorderman in swimsuit , fiona phillips upskirt, tv babes nip slip,   GMTV stockings, gmtv upskirt,  upskirt pictures,  natasha kaplinski nude photos , pictures of kate garaway , javine nude.

Friday 13 th.January 2006 These are the last 16 searches that we have received into the London Now Kate Garraway Section: pictures of lorraine Kelly, vorderman thong, carol vorderman photos, kate garraway boobs, nip slips tv celebrities, vorderman, kate garraway upskirt, free fiona phillips gmtv upskirt photos, free kate garraway gmtv upskirt photos, lorraine and nude, kate garraway, carol-vorderman,  mel sykes boobs, Melanie Sykes nip slip, andrea mclean gmtv smoking, carol vorderman topless holiday pictures.

These are the last 16 requests we have received today (4 th.Feb.2006) lorraine kelly nude,   keira knightley nip , lorraine kellys boobs, Fiona Phillips sexy pictures,  lorraine kelly sexiest milf,  penny smith nip slip,  sienna miller upskirt , carol vorderman tits,  fiona philips pics,  sexy andrea mclean gmtv,  fiona phillips pictures , tv presenters boobs,  fiona phillips tits,  gmtv upskirt,  pictures fiona bruce , fiona phillips oops

These are 3 of the searches that have just arrived Sunday 5 th.Februry 2006 - naked uk television presenters, upskirt gmtv presenters free pics,  sexy pictures of carol vorderman

22 May 2006 These are the last searches we have received in this section of London Now- lorraine kelly pics, eurovision nip slip, katie derham tights,  penny smith boobs, sexy natasha kaplinsky in stockings,  carol vordermans thong, kate garraway with her big boobs ou,t kate garraway in a swimsuit,  milf uncovered,  natasha kaplinsky sexy photos pics, carol vorderman topless, Lorraine Kelly tits,  sexy tv presenters,  kate garraway smoking pictures, fiona bruce boobs,  eurovision 2006 upskirt,  peeing picture,  kate garraway, eurovision nipple,  kaplinski ass.

Tuesday 7 th.November 2006 These are the last 16 searches that we have received into the London Now Kate Garraway Section: downblouse fiona phillips, cleavage, carol vorderman sexy pics, carol boobs, fiona phillips pics, uk tabloid girls upskirt, kate garraway in stockings, kate garraway nude, tit slips tv, fiona phillips boobs, carole vorderman stockings, upskirt pictures, kate garraway bikini, carol vorderman oops, kate garraway galleries, mature women showing their panties, kate garraway pics, sexy kate garraway pics    




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